MedCoSo is the single point solution for your OBSP/ASC .


Making sure your ASC is running at optimal efficiency is critical to your financial performance and long term viability in an ever changing healthcare market. MedCoSo has the expertise, experience and proven ability to provide a full range of business, operational and clinical consulting services through our centralized management services team. We identify opportunities, then develop and help you implement meaningful solutions that provide tangible results. Maintaining proper staffing ratios and operating efficiencies are key to controlling departmental costs. Let MedCoSo conduct a data-driven review of your staffing and management model, and determine if there are options to provide reduced cost services, additional income generation and cost recovery opportunities while maintaining or improving the highest standards in quality care.



Let MedCoSo’s Anesthesia Services Division provide a flexible staffing program that allows you to pay for only the staff being utilized. Our staffing model delivers exceptional care, and significant savings to your facility’s bottom line. Our Anesthesia Delivery and Management Company is AAAHC compliant.  Let us identify and evaluate your facility’s current and future needs such as: development of cost effective staffing models, revenue analysis and forecasting, full scale evaluation of current anesthesia services, review of current and projected issues including: clinical, financial, political, service requirements, and contractual framework for implementation of desired strategic plan. If you believe knowledge is power, then choose MedCoSo as your anesthesia problem solver!



Medical billing is a complex process. There is always the risk of errors occurring throughout the revenue cycle. From documentation to collections, recurring billing problems can quickly add up to substantial losses. Let MedCoSo perform a full review of your billing processes, and assist you in collecting the maximum reimbursement for your professional fees, facility fees, as well as, the anesthesia services you provide. Coding and reimbursement services, billing for all specialties, facility fee billing,  provider enrollment, managed care contract negotiations, auditing are just a few of the services that we offer.  Let us bring your revenue more integrity!


"MedCoSo brings a lot to the table, in addition to billing and management services. I've been working with MedCoSo for 10 years now and have developed a great business relationship with this company."

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